Private Music Studio Guides by Mimi Butler




Mrs. Butler's Payment & Lesson Policies (updated 7/17)


1. As of 1/1/13, private lesson price : $55 for 60 minutes and $41 for 45 minutes. 

Six one-hour music writing (theory) lessons are offered for $300. This does not include the books and the lessons must be taken during a 6 month period.
If parents / students choose to pay for twelve (12) lessons in advance, a 10% discount will be deducted from the total bill.
For example: 12 lessons x $55.00 (for an hour lesson) - 10% = $594 (instead of $660). Or, 12 lessons x $41 (for a 45 minute lesson) minus 10% = $443 (instead of $492).

2. There will be a lesson increase on 1/1/18 to $42 per 45 minute lesson and $57 for an hour lesson.

3. Lesson fee must be paid if NO prior notice is given for a missed lesson.

4. If a check is returned by the bank, you will be charged a $25.00 cash fee. Two returned checks, you will be required to pay cash, money order or certified check only.

5. NO visitors please in the studio; only students taking lessons & parents.

6. If lesson attendance is terminated before the end of the month, all prior payments will not be returned. If the 12 lesson discount is paid, lessons must be used within two months of the last lessons.

7. Please notify me of any health problems that I should be aware of and whom to notify in the case of an emergency.

8. If a student requires the change of lesson time slot due to sport participation, there must be prior notice.

9. Regularly scheduled lessons will not be available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

10. An instrument can only be borrowed for 2 weeks. Violin & viola rentals: 3 months for $60, 6 months for $110, 9 months for $145 and 12 months for $180