Private Music Studio Guides by Mimi Butler




1. "The Complete Guide to Running A Private Music Studio"
This session will teach you how to start a private music studio, conduct an initial student/parent interview & write a policy, bill your students monthly, organize an annual recital, schedule students, market the business, keep track of taxes and more.

2. "The Complete Guide to Making More Money in the Private Music Studio"
Mimi Butler’s “The Complete Guide to Making More Money in the Private Music Studio” includes interviews with 30 private studio teachers all over the country. Learn about creative recitals, implementing activity and registration fees, hiring teachers, starting a summer music camp or musical organization, hosting master classes, turning the homeschool trend into a profit center, profiting from the busy lifestyles of parents and more.

3. "The Complete Guide to Raising Parents in the Private Music Studio"
What is the role of the parent in the studio? How do you work with overprotective parents? Everything you need to know to work with parents in the private music studio and more.

4. Fiddle, Fiddle, Fiddle
Fiddle techniques for teachers along with the most popular fiddle books. A hands on seminar, so please don't forget to bring a string instrument!

5. More Thoughts on the Private Studio
Are you a private studio teacher? Would you like to make more money in your current business or learn how to open a new studio? Private music studio expert Mimi Butler will show you creative, money-making strategies.

6. Can a private music studio teacher really earn $50,000.00 a year?
Ideas and tricks to creating a profitable private studio business. How to set up, organize and manage a successful private music studio and earn a good salary at the same time.

7. Starting and growing your Private Music Studio
Are you a school teacher who would like to teach privately? Private music studio expert Mimi Butler will show you how to open a part-time or full-time studio, find a location or enlarge your current studio. Plus creative, money-making ideas to grow your new business.

8. Chamber music for fun and motivation
How to organize your chamber groups in your school or studio. Discover chamber music literature and performance venues for your chamber groups. Chamber music challenges musicians of all levels and ages. Plus, it's lots of fun.

9. Horsehair 101
This is a hands-on seminar for violin and viola teachers. Learn how to teach beginning bow techniques to your students with inexpensive items such as egg cartons, clothes pins, corn cushions, and straws.

10. Sure the economy’s shakey. That doesn’t mean your private music studio needs to be!
Quick tips to keep you going during tough economic times. Learn money-making and creative ideas to enlarge your studio, especially when the economy isn’t great.

11. Cadet Teaching Course for Advanced String Students To Learn How To Teach Beginners
Learn: How to teach beginners with beginning method books; Beginner & intermediate exercises; Repair & maintain instruments; Determine size for students; How much to charge; How to market yourself; How to set up a studio. Get More Details in this PDF>>


12.  Is the viola merely an oversized violin?
Teaching, recruiting and switching students to viola is challenging. Bring a viola and learn the secrets no one has ever revealed to you before!

13.  Fast-Prep Your Students for Auditions
Make the most of limited time to assist your students with college entrance auditions, performance auditions and exams. The Top Tips to prepare your students.

14. Assisting students and parents to purchase an instrument
Often music teachers (in schools & privately) are asked to help students and their parents purchase an instrument.  Should you accept a commission, charge a fee or compose a contract?  How involved should you be?

15.Why is the Bow 90% of String Teaching?
Teach the bow first.  All string teachers need to concentrate on the bow .. to create an outstanding sound.   Exercises and tricks of the trade.  Learn from a ‘bow expert’.

16. Merging the School & Studio
Communication between studio and school teachers, finding studio teachers, encouraging school students to take private lessons and studio teachers working with school teachers.  Studio and school teachers work together to accomplish the same results.

17. Does it hurt to play a string instrument? Bring one & discover that it doesn't  need to!
It's all about muscle memory, the best accessories, appropriate exercises and  correct instrument positioning. 

18. How to Pamper the Parents for a Positive Student Experience
How to work with parents on a positive level.  Include them, keep in contact with them and ask for their help.

19. Whose the adult here? Teaching Adults in the Private Music Studio
Adult beginner and mature students revisiting their instrument after a gap of years ordecades, are a significant population of the private music studio. They require different approaches on the part of the teacher. How can private music studio teachers encourage and motivate them of a regular basis? What makes them different than teaching children?